NGUZO SABA ** Utilizing the Timeless Principles of Kwanzaa Everyday ** NGUZO SABA

Kinara Park Kids

Incorporating the Kwanzaa Principles in Everyday Life

Kwanzaa: Family, Community, and culture

The Kinara Park Kids Come to Life on Stage...

An original magical musical theatre production inspired by "The Wiz"!!

When the Kiss Is 4Kidz express sadness and loss while preparing for a show, the Kinara Park Kids are tasked by the Malaika Walenzi (Guardian Angels) to guide the Kiss Is 4Kidz on a journey to find their true colors and rebuild the rainbow. Along their journey, they meet characters (played by numerous Las Vegas performing artists and groups) who inspire them !!!

Tshlene Henreid (Mosaic Blue & Kiss Is 4Kidz)

2023 Nominations OPEN!!!

Individuals and organizations who embody, Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work & Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith. Think about them, then NOMINATE THEM ALL!!!!!

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