NGUZO SABA ** Utilizing the Timeless Principles of Kwanzaa Every Day ** NGUZO SABA

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Incorporating the Kwanzaa Principles in Everyday Life

The Principles Every Day!

Call for Artists: Kwanzaa Anthology

We are excited to announce an open call for artists to contribute to a Kwanzaa anthology that honors this cultural celebration's rich traditions and values. Rooted in African heritage, Kwanzaa emphasizes unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Due: AUG 31, 2024

CLASSROOM Social-Emotional Learning

Youth of all ages have opportunities to practice agreement, self-sufficiency, leadership, supportiveness, tenacity, inventiveness, and confidence.

Kinara Park Kids CLASSROOM

TOYS Coming Soon!

Five of seven toy prototypes are completed... Be on our mailing list so that you know when they drop!

Kinara Park Kids TOYS

Black-Owned Businesses MAP

Open the Map - wHO ARE WE MISSING?

Habari Gani? (What's the news?)