Together In Business--Together Profitable

We all spend money everyday--our hard-earned money. We take our dollar and exchange it for goods and services in our community, online, across town, here and there. We find ourselves upset later when our communities are in the same state they were in a decade ago. Even more so, we are outraged when gentrification begins to sweep through once-familiar areas.

We have to return to Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics): To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together. Our dollars have the capacity to multiply and bear fruit if we can get them in the ground as part of daily commerce with one another. By doing business with each other, we teach our children how to do business with one another, and so the cycle continues, but first the cycle must have a starting point. 

All we really need to do is take the gifts and talents we already have and turn them into business--profitable business. Then, we tell one another about our businesses so we can spend our dollars with one another, keeping our dollars in our community long enough for our community to profit exponentially. This is Ujamaa. 

What is your business? Please let me know so I can do business with you!


*Special Thanks to "DBW" for inspiring a generation to invest, start businesses and determine their own destiny!*


Text "KWANZAA" to 425-406-3101

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