Political Maturity

Politics in this country goes something like this: Election year, politician begins speaking to (and sometimes with) the people, they make promises (some of which they genuinely intend to keep but will ultimately be unable to keep), we see and hear from them often, they visit our church or community event, then election day, some sort of speech and silence until the next election year....rinse...repeat.

At this time, we are mindful of Nia (Purpose): To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness. It is difficult to know how to truly impact our political system, but at the very least, we must continue to be present, at the table, and to keep our wits about us. No one will come in and do the thinking for us. We will do our own thinking. No one will come in and silence us with promises or blind us with old ideas that have been polished and made to look new. We will observe, evaluate and come to our own conclusions. 

We know our history, so we will not be doomed to repeat the failings of the past. We know our present and will remain woke because it is absolutely necessary. We dream our future and take action today to secure it for generations to come. We have solutions for our community.

It does not even matter the issue on the ballot. It only matters that we decide what is best for the building and restoring of our community and that we take action to that effect.


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